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Welcome to Industrial Devices Trading Establishment. We have an extensive range of industrial supplies with thousands of products for all industrial purposes. No matter which section of this industry you're in we've got you covered. Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Electrical, Synthetic, Aerospace, automotive, Manufacturing, die and mold, general engineering or even the home handyman - we've got the tools and products best suited to your needs. Our products ranges includes General purpose Industrial supplies, Safety, Firefighting Tools, Industrial Equipment, Fabrication, Process Instrumentation, Pneumatic tools, Rescue devices, Medical Devices, Lifting Tools, Mechanical Electrical Pneumatic Lock out Tag out, Automation, Valves, Calibration Services, Scaffolding, Filtration. With a large network of major industrial suppliers on our side, Industrial Hub is able to supply the largest range of safety and industrial products to anywhere in Saudi Arabia. We have specialists in each area to ensure that you receive the best possible services offering solutions and delivery to all requirements. Over 100 Brands of highest quality products supplied all over Saudi Arabia. Our major brands include Dupont Nomex, Salisbury Honey well, 3 EM, M S A, Drager, Ratler, Caterpillar, Amerex, Simple Green, Venus, Paprsky, Vaultex, Karam, UVEX, Ultratech spill solutions, Ever Dry, ABSO-PRO, Move It, Toyo, Citex, Liftek, Toyolift, Spilfyter, Stanley, Black Decker, Proto, Victor, Tech-weld, Weldman. For whatever industry job it may be, we'll have the product supplies for you. You can send us an email to serve you for your regular orders.